A gentleman that met an escort

I would never have thought that being a male escort was my calling. I’m a late baby boomer who grew up in Eastside California and hardly lost my virginity till I reached 21, with some girl I met on a trip to Havana. I began exploring my sexual life in my mid-20s, which was around 2010. After my first experience, I knew there was much more out there and was curious enough to try various kink, including anal, BDSM, group sex, etc.

Back then, I was chasing a plethora of various women. There’s this college beauty I met, and she wanted to engage in a threesome. So, we hopped onto a random hookup website and emailed Becky, one of the women escorts. Becky claimed to be a college graduate, and from her chats, she seemed quite smart and sexy.

We never got to have our threesome, as my college crush and I stopped dating. But for Becky, we kept contact, often talking about sex and life. Becky was among the high-end escorts, whose clients are mainly CEOs, models, TV personalities, politicians, and so on. I had never met an escort so open about her job. Eventually, we arranged for a meet-up, had drinks, and incredibly wild sex, that evening, thanks to the buildup and tension from our exchanges.

“Have you ever thought of becoming an escort?” Becky casually said, following our erotic session. “You can do it as a part-time hustle while at school. Besides, there are many open-minded, well-endowed, and straight men in this business.” I cannot say that this was the first time I was giving it a thought, as I had already been intrigued by escorts’ earnings and their line of work.

I was trying to get to terms with the fact that an escort like Becky- someone who demanded $2,500 per night was only getting into bed with me because she wanted to, and bagging some cash out of it. Since I believe I’m good in bed, it thought to myself, “I can create a business out of it!” Becky was glamorous, sophisticated, and mysterious- her world fascinated me. It was way beyond my typical daily life. Like a window in a movie scene: here’s how I was introduced into the escort business.

I’m A Sex Fanatic, Why Not Bag In Some Cash With Something I Love?

Becky told me about this elite London male escorts agency called Gentlemen4hire, which was advertising ‘the most exceptional male companions’ for both ladies and gay men. In the next few weeks, I did extensive research. Undoubtedly, this venture was a lucrative one. Becky was easily hitting bog numbers with her annual six-figure salary. Aside from being intrigued by the ‘sex life,” I also had school loans to settle.

My First Experience!

Within no time, I had become part of the team at this London-based agency. About two months after joining, I received an email from this French banker. I was starting to get real. We talked over the phone for a few days before arranging a hookup. We booked a high-end hotel in the London capital for about a week. This French banker was mature, and I felt comfortable around her.

It’s Not Just About Being, “Good In Bed.”

Over the last couple of years, I’ve worked with various women, and not all will hire me for the sex. Some only want that companionship. Sometimes, I feel like somewhat a sex therapist, helping women talk openly about their desires and needs. Most of my clients have been with men who are not necessarily interested in understanding what they want. The good thing about hiring me is that I’m up for anything you want. At times, there will be those awkward moments with clients, but mostly, I have a good time.

Dealing with Social Stigma

My parents or siblings are yet to know that I’m escorting and believe that I work as an online consultant. However, some of my college friends know that I do his for a living. There’s that social stigma, as many people don’t want to be associated with an escort. But I’m not the judgmental kind, and so I wouldn’t say I like it when someone is on my neck for being myself. Call me rachet, a rack-jack, or prostitute; I don’t care so long as I pay my own bills.

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